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Hello and welcome!

Welcome to my little corner on the web, dedicated (primarily) to the creation of MIDI files.
Mostly game music, but also some original compositions and theme music from movies.

All music on this site is sequenced by me, the site maintainer. You are, of course, free to download it to your computer for personal enjoyment. If you use my music for any other purpose (e.g. hosting them on your site), you have my permission ONLY if proper credit is given.
Please don't upload them to VGMusic or some similar site without my consent. I will take care of which MIDI's I upload where myself.


June 2nd, 2009

I believe my I've found a new favourite game composer in Kohei Tanaka.
He's not well that known in gaming circles, but is most noted composing for various anime, like Sakura Taisen and numerous others. Since I don't watch a lot of anime I've never heard from most of these, but I guess their soundtracks are worth to listen to.
I first got introduced to his music by playing Paladin's Quest (SNES), which is the arbitrary english title to the original game Lennus, one of my first RPG's. The graphics were simplistic, but I found the storyline captivating and the music gave a very distinctive feel to the world which I remember to this day. Years later I played Alundra, (a personal favourite of mine, this is how games should be!), and was again drawn by the music. I thought it reminded me of of something and figured out it had that Lennus feel to it. Ofcourse I then found it was the same composer.
There are so few MIDI's of Lennus (I and II) and Alundra to go around, so I've decided to fix that by sequencing the major parts of these soundtracks myself.
To start with, here are two from Lennus II:
  • Fight with Demon Bertse
  • To the Throne of the Immortals ~ The Final Dungeon
Find them here.

May 13th, 2009

Has it really been almost 2 years since I paid any attention to my neglected website?
Apparantly so. I unfortunately don't have too much time to invest in MIDI-making anymore. But that doesn't mean the site is dead. It has gotten a new name and location at awardspace. I will be building a lot on the contents in the coming weeks and include new productions. Stay tuned!

September 29th, 2007

I've created my first sheet music file. It's 'The Light Moaning In The Darkness'. A simple moving solo piano piece from Suikoden V.
Check the new 'Sheet music' link in the left menu.
Also, check out my Youtube profile if you wish. I`ll post myself playing various kinds of music.